Grill pan | Grilled Scallops

I own one of those large panini press style “healthy” table top grills, which I occasionally bring out for things like pork medallions, slabs of chicken, shellfish. Occasionally would be the key word here, let’s just say it’s a bit of hassle to clean up. So, a more handy stove top grill pan has been on my wish list for quite some time. I recently bought one and I love it. I can use it to grill bread, make sandwiches, or for things like this:

Grill pan. With shrimp in it.

Grill pan. With shrimp in it.

Or grilling scallops… HMMMMMMMMMM:

Grilled scallops

Grilled scallops

When I grill scallops, I buy fresh, large sea scallops, and don’t add anything to them except for a tiny bit of salt and pepper. The scallops will release their own scallopy juices and, combined with the dark color and aroma you can only get from a grill, taste totally awesome. With this grill pan, I don’t have to wait for sunny weather to enjoy my scallops! This time, I added a bit of color using some chopped red bell peppers, and green onions and lemon balm that came from my garden. I wish I had more of this to go on top, more like a tapenade, because it looked so pretty like that, and it wasn’t so strong tasting that it stole the show from the scallops at all.


Lunch @ the Cannery Seafood House

The Cannery Seafood House is really one of my favorite restaurants in the city. As you know, they made headlines a little while back because they will be moving from their current (hard to access) site at the Port of Vancouver in 2010. I really hope they will stay in town and end up somewhere … deserving. 

I’ve been backlogged for posts in May (busy busy times), but I really need to make this one before May is over. I took my Mom here for a belated Mother’s Day lunch 2 weeks ago, since she ended up sick on the actual day when I booked for the Cannery’s annual Mom’s Day brunch. It was the perfect day: blue skies, warm, just beautiful. Even sexy Dodge convertibles came out:cannery

I don’t know where the Cannery Queen can bask outside like this elsewhere in the city after they move:

cannery queen

And little things like their own herb garden at the back- I just hope they find a nice, new, happy home after 2010:

And the view of the North Shore from inside…:


Mom wondered whether they could move the entire lodge when they relocate. Would be a shame to have to tear down this cozy little house:

Enough about views, because it’s making me sad that they will have to move. Let’s get to the food! Oooh, the famous lobster oil (and bread that just SOAKS it up like heaven!). This is truly great oil – so fragrant, with this sweet sea aroma…. I have never really had other oil quite like it:


Hmmm, bread … thick slices of bread…. thick slices of BREAD AND LOBSTER OIL!

Menu of the day:

Mom ordered the seafood salad, which has A LOT of seafood. More seafood than salad, speaks for itself:

I had the snapper, simply poached. It was really fresh, and sweet:


Of course, we didn’t leave empty handed. 20 bucks goes to a bottle of lobster oil (maybe I should have ordered a box?):


The Cannery Seafood House

2205 Commissioner Street
Vancouver, BC 

Tel : (604) 254-9606 

Usher in the grilling season! Grilled scallops and prawns

The weather is co-operating, finally. Went down to the Steveston Farmer’s Market this weekend and bought some Mizuno greens, butter lettuce and grape tomatos. Local veggies are so fresh and good! Got some fresh sea scallops and prawns and grilled them outside. (Yes, OUTSIDE! Wow, Vancouver!) I love grilled scallops and prawns – it’s so simple, you just chuck them on the grill, don’t even have to season them with anything – just a sprinkle of ground pepper afterwards, it’s the best way to enjoy them. So sweet. And eating a nice, refreshing meal out under a gazebo? Added bonus!

grilled scallops and prawn

Grilled scallops and prawn on a bed of Mizuno greens and butter lettuce


Grilling season is exciting! And we have a woodpecker in the neighbourhood. I’ve never seen him though, but I can hear him often.