Mario Galaxy Wii Omelet

Wii Omelet

This weekend was a giant double-stacked burger where:

Buns = breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Patties = playing Super Mario Galaxy
Condiments = various snacks in between

I did, however, make myself a nice spinach and mushroom egg white omelet, ie. lots of protein and Popeye goodness to power the game playing. I’m dubbing it my Mario Galaxy Wii Omelet. Tumeric is my current fave for adding color to my egg whites so that you’d never know there’s no yolk in these.

Wii Omelet

Recipe follows…

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The Long Awaited…(I can hardly contain my excitement!)

Guess what I got today! 

Super Mario Galaxy

If you own a Wii, you would have been waiting for Mario Galaxy for, oh, since the day you got your Wii. Or before. It is simply the Wii game of all time, even before it came out. So, if there is a decrease in the frequency of my food blogging in the next few days, please assume that it is due to 1) too busy playing, no time to blog, or 2) too busy playing, no interesting food (since I’ll be surviving on cereal, crackers, bananas, raw veggies and dip, and whatever else is within arms reach).

And finally, my free Wii-mote jacket from Nintendo arrived in the mail yesterday. I don’t really know what I will do with it, as I already have silicon skins on my Wii-motes. This thing is a bit bulky, and it’s not like my Wii-motes require this much padding, as I treat them with a lots of TLC! 🙂

Wiimote Jacket

Dancing, and an Inauguration Stew


Was a little busier than usual this weekend, as I had just acquired these three games for my Wii (DDR Hottest Party, Metroid Prime 3, and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess). All three are awesome, but most of my time was spent dancing on a plastic pad, loudly blaring (and singing along to) Little L… rather shamelessly if I might addIf it wasn’t for this I might have spent more quality time with another acquisition I made while getting the games – a little 2qt Le Creuset Dutch oven. I have wanted a Le Creuset Dutch oven in their Flame color for a long time; these were finally on sale and there were only two left and both were in Flame. So I was quite happy about this purchase.  

 Le Creuset

Le Creuset Dutch Oven


Since it was a cold and very rainy day, what would be better than a cozy stew to inaugurate this Dutch oven? Made a simple one from tomatos, celery, mushrooms, onions, cauliflower and pumpkin (One of the Kabochas I had turned out to be a bit dry, so sticking it in a stew was perfect). I guess you could call it a a ratatouillebut I prefer the more endearing term of just plain veggie stew. A filling and satisfying meal after all that dancing too.

veggie stew

Inauguration Ratatouille/Veggie Stew


Addendum 10-2-07: Recipe!

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