Moofia: I found Mozzarella. And got Latte.

MI first got the Moofia Baby Bottle at Paper Ya last year, but since then they have ran out of the little milk cartons and no longer sell them. But last week I found a bunch of Moofia toys at Hills of Kerrisdale. Naturally, I bought a whole bunch, including Mozarella – which I have been searching for for a while now. I’m so glad I finally found her! Hills have some other tokidoki toys (a large but an incomplete collection) like Skeletrino and Bastardino, and a bunch of the little 1″ Cactus Pup blind boxes. I got a few of those, and another blind milk carton, which had Latte in it. Latte’s pretty cool. Now I want to complete my Moofia gang. And get Bulleto. And the Mozarella plush.


mozarella and gang

ozarella and gang


Caffe Artigiano 06.28.08. Betty’s 86th.

I think there was a new guy at the Artigiano I go to at Kerrisdale. Well, whether or not he is new, he made a pretty nice heart the other day. Then again, everybody seemed to have gotten the same heart…

artigiano latte art


This day was special: it was one of E’s old neighbor Betty’s 86th birthday. We didn’t know this – we had drove by to see E’s old place in the neighborhood, and happened to see Betty’s niece in the garden and were invited in to say hello. E hasn’t seen Betty for over a decade and Betty’s starting to suffer from dementia but still remembers E fondly. After we found out it was her birthday that day (and after having said latte at Artigiano), we went down to Michelle’s Cake house on W. Boulevard and got her a tiramisu. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of it, it looked quite pretty. I would have chosen the fresh mango cake but Betty seemed more like a Tiramisu kind of gal. Anyway, Michelle’s Cake House is an Asian bakery, and makes fabulous cakes and pastries. There was a gigantic lineup when we were there; they take numbers.

We brought the cake back to Betty’s place just in time as her friend told us she was just about to call and order a cake for Betty. ^__^


Michelle’s Cake House

6033 West Boulevard, Vancouver


Giant Halibut!

@ the Lonsdale Quay: You know it is halibut season when you pass by a fish market and see something like this: 

Like you can try and hide…!

About 30 minutes later, went back and they had already cut up HALF of this baby. Hmmmmm!



Lonsdale Quay

123 Carrie Cates Court
North Vancouver



I got my Yotsuba figure! (Yotsuba&! is a hilarious manga, from the creator of Azumanga Daioh. I only wish they’d make an anime out of it.)


Is this remotely food related? Probably not. Except if you’d notice here one of her “accessories” is a chocolate-coated ice cream bar (which she has apparently taken a bite out of already). It is too cute, especially the angry head and her little toy water gun:

Yotsuba model



Banished from the kitchen!

Day 3 of being completely cut off from the kitchen, because brand new floors are being installed this week (beautiful dark-colored tiles to replace a 2 decade-old, beige vinyl flooring, oooh!) This means no stove, no sinks, no cookware, flatware, no cooking. As painful as you can imagine. I took with me a few small bowls, my mug, some plastic eating utensils, my vitamins, and waved good-bye to my favorite room in the house, as though off on some godforsaken journey into… a fallout shelter.

Banishment, indeed.

On the weekend I made all my lunches for the week and stuffed the fridge full of food that  needed to be prepared/precooked/prewashed. Now I am watching it dwindle away without replenishment. *sob* (When will it end!!?) Luckily, a few things were saved from this disaster: the fridge, the microwave, and the toaster, now occupying various odd spots in the living room with the TV. The bare necessities of life right there, I’m telling you. With the fridge next to the couch as I watch TV, I am somehow reminded of a combination of both Homer Simpson’s reclining toilet chair, and King-Size Homer. 

King Size Homer

Now if only I could also work at home.

Moofia – Dairy Toys

Hmm, how did we get here, let’s see. I was Googling images of “mozzarella” one day, and came across the Mozzarella vinyl toy by tokidoki. Kawaii! On the website I also discovered the rest of Mozzarella’s Moofia that come in cute little milk cartons. I had wanted to buy Mozzarella but it also costs 30 bucks (minus the shipping)! Disappointed that I was not that crazy, I gave up on the wishing. Then, while browsing at Paper-Ya, I came across a Moofia milk carton! Unfortunately they didn’t sell Mozzarella. Not about to be disappointed again, I bought the milk carton. I was hoping to get the Japanese Milk, but I got the Baby Bottle, which was quite cute anyway. 😀 I don’t know why it’s crying though:


I still want Mozarella!!

Mario Galaxy Wii Omelet

Wii Omelet

This weekend was a giant double-stacked burger where:

Buns = breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Patties = playing Super Mario Galaxy
Condiments = various snacks in between

I did, however, make myself a nice spinach and mushroom egg white omelet, ie. lots of protein and Popeye goodness to power the game playing. I’m dubbing it my Mario Galaxy Wii Omelet. Tumeric is my current fave for adding color to my egg whites so that you’d never know there’s no yolk in these.

Wii Omelet

Recipe follows…

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