About Edibles


There are so many beautiful foodblogs out there. So many people think of themselves as simple foodies, but to me they are professional gourmets, with photography worthy of magazines, repertoires more salivating than restaurants.

I am not one of those talented people. And this is not one of those beautiful blogs.

I am not a food writer, or a photographer, or even a good cook. I have an unsophisticated palate, which I am trying to develop. I would like to call myself a foodie, but having only made my first loaf of bread from yeast just recently, I am a food-loving amateur at best. One day, not too long ago, I realized that my budding obsession with food was engulfing my day-to-day (boring) blogging. And so began The Laboratory of Edibles – a chronicle of my discoveries in tasting and making food, and all things culinary that pique my interest. I’m not so much trying to share great, tasty recipes you would want to reproduce as I am trying to record some of the stupidity I commit in the kitchen as I freestyle along.

By day I am what they call a scientist, and work in a (real) laboratory with Baker’s yeast. And though I seem to constantly smell (or smell of?) bread and beer, my work is -unfortunately – unrelated to food. It took me a while, but I eventually came to realize that a scientist mixing chemicals at the bench is like a cook mixing herbs and spices in the kitchen… except the lab coat I wear in the kitchen is called an apron (I actually don’t wear an apron, I just wipe it on my pants). Like the laboratory, some pretty amazing science and creative artistry happens in the kitchen. There is something new to discover every time you experiment, especially when you decide to ignore those things called recipes (which is often in my case). Food may be our simple daily fuel, but it is precisely this every-day thing that can be so fascinating. An apple, a sprinkle of yeast – simple yet poweful. And if you look closely enough, you can have yourself an adventure every time you eat, 3 times a day, every day. (So skipping meals really is bad for you.)

Welcome to my Laboratory: the testing ground and food-learning journey of a curious scientific savant and culinary tenderfoot. Stop by, and see food through my nerdy eyes. Say hi if you have time time, or write me: labofedibles[at]gmail[dot]com

The Cooking Nerd

Vancouver, Canada | August, 2007.


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  1. Roatha from netfoodie.com again, I just added a link to your site on my blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I like you blog and those pictures here. Will you carry on blogging? Thanks,

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