Steveston Series II: Fieldstone Artisan Breads @ the Market



 OK, so this is not so much a Steveston post than it is a Surrey post, since Fieldstone is actually located in south Surrey. Nevertheless, they have decided to grace those of us up north with their fine, fine breads and pastries at the Steveston’s Farmer’s Market. Hence, Part II of the Steveston Series is entirely devoted to Fieldstone. 

Fieldstone uses organic flour, and all of their country breads are made by natural leavening. Basically, to me, their naturally leavened breads taste much less yeasty and has a nice, mild and not commercial tanginess to them. Of course one of the very first breads I pick at a bakery is a plain baguette, so I tried their Parisian Baguette, pictured above. It was delicious, one of the best. Really chewy, crispy crust, chewy inside. I had it with some of the lobster oil I got from the Cannery. Really good.

This past weekend I went and got their multiseed baguette. The various seeds that I could find were poppy, fennel, and pumpkin. The fennel was definitely present but not too overpowering, which I liked because I don’t really like licuorice-y tasting things. And it coupled nicely with the poppy seeds- fragrant, aromatic, chewy and tastey! This was so good I went through almost a whole baguette while walking around the market and went back to get another one. 

Multiseed Baguette

Multiseed Baguette

I liked how they shaped their multiseed baguette- it’s definitely rustic looking, and it’s got two horns at the end! (It’s not that long though, didn’t seem as long as your typical baguette- either because flour prices have gone up, or those horns were the results of some shaping screwup.) ^___^



Multiseed and Bar

Multiseed and Bar


Also tried their cranberry granola: pretty good like a home-made bar. Hard, partly crunch and partly chewy, and sweet. Also awesome were their large ooeygooey cinnamon buns and croissants.


Granola Bar
Granola Bar


This bakery is not to be missed, hence all the line ups. If you only come by here (or south Surrey) once in a blue moon, stock up!



Fieldstone Artisan Breads

#2- 12823 Crescent Rd, South Surrey

(604) 531-7880


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