Steveston Series (Part 1): Sunday Farmer’s Market

Here is Part 1 of my multi-part series on historic Steveston: the first annual Steveston Farmer’s Market.


The market is located next to Gulf of Georgia Cannery at the end of Moncton St. It’s been on for several weeks now, and runs every Sunday from 11AM-4PM. (Which I like, because a lot of markets run from 9-1…hm, let’s just say my day starts at about 1PM.) This was arriving right when the market opens:

steveston farmer\'s market

Steveston market

The first stop was the Fieldstone Bread‘s stand, because from previous visits to this market we know the longest lineups are here. More on Fieldstone later in the series.

Fieldstone stand

Fieldstone stand


European Breads Bakery: Another popular one. A lot of people were seen holding their Georgian baguettes: 


European Bread Bakery

European Bread Bakery



Try the cheese at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, they have awesome cheese, and the guys are really friendly. My favorite was their Island Brie:


The CHEESE stand!

The CHEESE stand!

I’d have taken more pics of the fruits and veggies- there were mainly strawberries, cherries, summer veggies, organic tomotos (bought a pound of sweeeet cherry tomatos)… but the giant pods of okra were cool, and of course the squash blossoms from my previous post. They were fat, and about 6 inches long, probably almost twice as big as the okra that I usually get at supermarkets! 

Giant okra

Giant okra


Also bought some locally grown, Richmond strawberries, which were quite sweet, but not super sweet. A pint for 5 bucks… Tried out some Okanagan cherries but they weren’t as sweet or as crunchy as some of the US of A ones I’ve been buying. So didn’t get those. Overall it kind of sucked that these “local, organic” foods were a lot more expensive than what I find at Asian markets. Pricier, and not necessarily as good. 


In terms of entertainment, there was a cooking lesson/show, live music, and dancing!




Still, you can spend a fun day here, even though some stands aren’t really worth the time. Just make sure you get here early, you’ll be sure to find a free, nearby parking spot, and get first pick at fresh produce. Once you get bored you can always take a stroll out to Garry Point or the Steveston Village. That’s all for now! Next up in the series: review of Fieldstone Breads! 



Steveston Farmer’s Market

Sundays 11AM-4PM

At the end of Moncton St, by Gulf of Georgia Cannery


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  1. […] be here, it was the first stand I looked for. The same two friendly ladies are working here as when I went to the Steveston Farmer’s Market last weekend ). The line up was so long that it blocked the next stand over, and we were told to nicely shuffle […]

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