Moofia: I found Mozzarella. And got Latte.

MI first got the Moofia Baby Bottle at Paper Ya last year, but since then they have ran out of the little milk cartons and no longer sell them. But last week I found a bunch of Moofia toys at Hills of Kerrisdale. Naturally, I bought a whole bunch, including Mozarella – which I have been searching for for a while now. I’m so glad I finally found her! Hills have some other tokidoki toys (a large but an incomplete collection) like Skeletrino and Bastardino, and a bunch of the little 1″ Cactus Pup blind boxes. I got a few of those, and another blind milk carton, which had Latte in it. Latte’s pretty cool. Now I want to complete my Moofia gang. And get Bulleto. And the Mozarella plush.


mozarella and gang

ozarella and gang


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  1. […] I went to pick up some gifts for my cousins in HK. I saw on The Laboratory of Edibles that you can purchase Tokidoki toys at Hills of Kerrisdale. So I nagged Al to take me there and got […]

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