Tiptree Apricot fruit spread. Straight-up PB and J.

This is my recent favorite jam – Wilkin and Son’s Tiptree no sugar added Apricot spread. It is yummy. It is really, seriously pretty darn good quality jam – made from just apricots, some fruit pectin, lemon juice, and grape extract. But most chain supermarkets don’t sell it, and I haven’t seen it at a lot of the “organic” places either. I buy mine from the British Home Store in Steveston. I do remember seeing it somewhere else, I don’t remember where anymore.  

tiptree apricot

I can eat this straight out of the container, and recently I have taken to mixing it with my favorite PB – Adam’s creamy all natural peanut butter and just eating spoonfuls of it. Not even in a sandwich. It’s just straight-up PB and J on a spoon. PB and J lollipop. I know, fat and sugar on a stick, but it’s absolutely delicious. Heh, one of weird ways I enjoy food, I guess. Everybody has those.


Speaking of PB, I like peanut butter, but it’s not one of those things I constantly eat. That being said, there is always PB in the fridge, and for years the resident PB is the natural stuff from Adam’s. I can’t remember the last time there was any Skippy in the fridge. It was probably years ago when I was a little kid. Anyway, recently I’ve reignited a love for PB, and have been on a PB binge. Often times going through half a regular jar of Adam’s in a day. (And by “go through” I mean eating it straight by the spoonfuls, not using it to make batches of cookies.) Anyway, one day I had a friend’s Skippy. The smooth kind. A giant pat on a spoon. Like I said, it’s been years since I had Skippy. The moment I put it in my mouth I gagged and spat it out. Imagine: flavorless fat with no taste or aroma of peanuts, and the strangest, most revolting mouth feel… like body lotion or something. Just unpalatable. Gross stuff. I can’t believe they call it peanut butter. Stick with natural stuff!


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