The Bridgehouse Restaurant @ the Capilano Suspension Bridge


bridgehouse restaurant

It’s been years since I went to this place – the bridge and the restaurant both. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a bit of a drive, and really, it’s one of those tourist spots you go to once or twice in your life, and you don’t really go again unless you have to bring relatives from out of town (who also happen to like walking around outside and crossing a long wobbly bridge). Anyway, it was a hot, sunny Vancouver day, and just felt like coming to the place, because it’s been years. The weather was just perfect for sitting outside the restaurant, under an umbrella. The food was totally awesome too.


Situated directly across from the Capilano Suspension Bridge info booth, the Bridgehouse Restaurant is only open until 5pm – a shame, as they would probably serve up some awesome dinners. Nonetheless, they have a great lunch menu and there is also high tea served from 2-5pm. (Most people I saw didn’t order the high tea, one table did and the pastries looked OK but not quite as exciting as their actual food to me.) On a sunny day you would really rather not sit inside the big log house but outside in their front/back yard/patio area under some umbrellas and watch the tourists wander about. Which was essentially what we did.


The food was great – all the ingredients, especially the salads, were really fresh, and every thing was cooked to perfection and presented nicely. This was the star of the show: The Portabello mushroom and garlic cream cheese panini:

portabello panini


The Tuna Melt with bay shrimp and aged cheddar:

tuna melt


And the Greek salad with grilled pita. I loved the pita – it was hot and crispy:

greek salad


P enjoyed a nice, really fragrant Shiraz but I forgot the name of it. They have salmon and other stuff on their menu and are part of Ocean Wise. The service was good here and I’d come back again and again if only it wasn’t such a long drive. Highly recommended.



The Bridge House Restaurant

At the Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver



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