Herb and Olive Ciabatta from Safeway.

Although supermarket bakeries fall short of being real bakeries, of all the chain ones out there, I’d have to say that Safeway is one of the best. (Although that doesn’t really mean it’s good.) At least in my bagel experiences it has been so, and I think this is also true for their other breads. (Pastries I’m not so sure, to me they all seem pretty similar – ie. similarly overly sweet and disgusting). Maybe it’s because most Safeway’s seem to have large and functional bakeries, and maybe enough people buy their stuff since the turnover is actually somewhat decent.

Found this herb and olive ciabatta at Safeway that was quite good. For me a ciabatta has to have a certain shape and thickness. Though the look is not as rigid in defintion as a baguette, I guess. But sometimes some places make ciabatta that just don’t look quite right … too narrow, to thick? I don’t know. This one looked like it was trustworthy though:

Herb and olive ciabatta

The herb flavor was present but not so strong that you feel like you’re just inhaling a bag of powdered rosemary or something. The bread was not dense but had a pretty good looking irregular open crumb, the crust was slightly crispy even without toasting, and it was nicely flavored and therefore good on its own. At the same time, if you had to grill a panino this would make it so much more flavorful than just plain ciabatta. I’d buy it again.


Herb and olive ciabatta


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