La Patisserie – 金磨坊西点

La Patisserie is my favorite Asian pastry shop.

Many Chinese bakeries are known for both traditional Asian goodies (egg tarts, lotus-seed buns, moon cakes), as well as Western-style desserts (mostly of French influence, a lot of cheese cakes, mousses). La Patisserie is one such shop, and makes everything to such excellence. For years they were a small place in a Richmond strip mall, and I remember getting pastries and their sweet, soft loafs of white bread many a times with my mother. They also make my favorite cake here – fresh mango cake: a sponge cake filled with a thick layer of chopped mango and cream inside, and large slices of mango draping the entire outside. The sweetness of the cake comes mainly from the mango, which is really fresh. The cream is not overly sweet or thick at all, and the sponge cake itself is very light and fluffy. So it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a super dense, sweet cake, which I have never liked.

La Patisserie wedges

Often when I go I buy these wedges of cakes, a sampler box of sorts … Here I got a mango one, but not a fresh mango, therefore not my fave, but still good. Another which I believe is some kind of coffee flavored tiramisu. And a green tea one. Anyway, few years ago they expanded into Vancouver, so there is another store on Granville and 66th. Give it a try, and definitely try the fresh mango cake if they have any. I’ve never been disappointed.


La Patisserie 金磨坊西点

#2- 6360 No.3 Road, Richmond
Tel: 604-270-3092

8278 Granville Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-269-0002


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