Mix the Bakery: Hummingbird and a poor student’s request.

Mushroom soup

Went to Mix for lunch again last week. They had the mushroom soup (which was going so fast that by the time I went back for my coffee it was all gone). I love their soups- so home made and thick. This time I tried the Hummingbird and poppy seed bread to go with it – Both were really delicious. I love nutty, chewy, dense breads, and the Hummingbird tasted a lot like my favorite Alpine Grain bread from Healthyway.

I had too much bread at home and just bought fresh bread that day, so I was hesitant about buying more there. But I was still salivating over the sourdough and the baguette and pretty much everything else there. So I asked whether they had some sliced stuff left over that I could buy – the girl there was really nice and went to the back to see if there was anything she could get me. She came back saying there were “only” these two bags of sliced Hummingbird or the Cranberry. There were around 6 slices in the bags – about a third of a large round loaf. I said that was absolutely perfect and bought the Hummingbird. (I tried their Cranberry before, not bad, though not my favorite.)


What can I say, I love Mix. Delicious artisan bread, lunch for a great price, friendly atmosphere, eager to please and satisfy the customer. Great bakeries treat and feed you like one of their own, no matter how big (or small, in this case) your requests may be. Mix definitely made my day.


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Mix the Bakery
4430 W. 10th avenue, Vancouver (Right next to Burgoo. Near UBC.)


4 Responses

  1. Wow that is awesome! I love MIX the bakery too although I have been there only twice. I tried their tuna, and also the chicken sandwiches, as well as the walnut orange muffins. All of them were excellent!

    I have yet to buy a loaf from there because I never go through a loaf of bread fast enough if I don’t have it every day…. I’d definitely ask if they have sliced stuff or if i could get like half a loaf or whatnot! What’s your favourite kind of bread from MIX?

  2. Hi tinster, thanks for the visit!

    MIX’s parisienne baguette is so far my favorite. I can eat the whole thing! I haven’ t tried everything else from there yet, but so far I really like the poppyseed and the Hummingbird.

    Definitely ask if you can less than a loaf – I guess it depends on what they have left over/sliced up that day in the bakery, but they seemed nice and accommodataing!

    (In any case, even if you buy a whole loaf you could freeze and/or refrigerate some of it. it’s not as fresh but still – it’s great bread! 😉

  3. ohh i love baguettes!!! And also the problem with me getting a whole loaf is that I basically lose tract of how much bread I am eating.. I can finish quite a few slices in one sitting :S (i know)

    I have tried their supergrain, which was very very delicious if you like the texture…

    yeah i totally agree with you on the freezing the bread technique– definitely not as good, but still

    btw have you ever tried bread from the Transylvania Peasant Bread on Broadway?? (it’s by coco et olive, quite close to Alma actually) I LOVE THEIR BREAD TOO! especially when you go early in the morning and you get to watch it coming up of the wooden oven, nice and fresh!

    as if you can’t already tell i’m a bread addict…

  4. i have never tried transylvania peasant bread – but now that a fellow bread addict has recommended it, i will definitely go when in the neighbourhood!

    yay bread! and baguettes!

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