It’s a mango infestation!


Ataulfo mangos are one of my favorite fruits. Their sweetness can simply not be matched by your large, red-skinned Florida mangos. These miniature ones are even better. I’m not sure what this specific variety is called. Mini-ataulfos? But they are yummy. Of course, you’d have to eat several at once. All the more better.


8 Responses

  1. I’m new to the foodie world, and am adding your site to my blogroll. Mangoes are magic! Simply magic.

  2. Thanks for the info on the miniatures, I’ll have to look for them.

  3. i agree with you! for me, they are the closest to filipino mangos and their sweetness is so different from the others. 🙂 some other mangos are too fibrous, not my cup of tea

  4. man, you guys get so many more fruits than we do! i once visited toronto with my (cambodian)family and my parents were going crazy on the fruit. i think they spent $200 on fruit alone that we couldn’t bring across the border. we had to eat all of it before we got back to new york! eat some mangosteen for me!


  5. silvercharm – thanks for the visit!

  6. froginapot – no problem. i see them a lot in the asian markets here, not sure about elsewhere. you have great site, by the way!

  7. indaycarling33 – hmmmmm filipino mangos are good. these little ones are getting better as they ripen. 😀 i also don’t like fibrous mangos either.

  8. hi roatha! hahaha – great story about toronto. i think vancouver has a pretty decent choice of fruit, though sometimes I wish i was living somewhere much more tropical.
    is it mangosteen season now? i haven’t seen them poping up in huge amounts yet. i loooooove mangosteen. hmmmmm.

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