OY! Bagels from Save On Foods

Baked in Store

It was a lazy, get-all-my-groceries-done-at-one-supermarket kind of day, so I was tricked into buying bagels at Save-On-Foods. Supermarket bagels are essentially baked rolls with holes in the middle that aren’t boiled, and look exactly like it. (See IGA’s, for example.) These ones looked OK from the outside, and were on sale. Probably a bad idea, but the mantra of my Bagel Quest is to try bagels from all walks of life. So what the heck.

What can I say about this thing? It’s not a bagel. It tastes like nothing – worse than Tim Horton’s plain bagel. Weighing at almost 5oz (that’s pretty heavy for a bagel this size), it is just a really, really dense roll with a hole in the center.

plain bagel

At least with Safeway’s bagels, I could finish the bagel as what it was. And if I had no other choice, I wouldn’t mind eating them if I really wanted a bagel fix. But these Save On ones were so bad I just couldn’t … So I took the rest of them, sliced them up, toasted them in the oven and made bagel chips. Less suffering this way. 😉

bagel crisp

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  1. […] had lost a bit of faith in Save On Food’s bakery ever since my Save Ons bagel incident, but while grocery shopping there and suddenly craving bread with some dried fruit in it, and […]

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