“Egg Shatters” 蛋散 – Dimsum @ Kirin

Daan Saan

散 – which roughly translates into “egg shatters” – is a Cantonese dim sum dessert. It is made from a dough of eggs, flour, sugar, and lard (hmm!). The dough is rolled out flat, cut into strips, then twisted and deep fried. Malt syrup (or sometimes honey) is drizzled over the cooled finished product, which is sometimes also sprinkled with coconut flakes. Freshly made 蛋散 smells wonderful. When made well, it is light, slightly crunchy yet soft, sweet but with a very distinct and wonderful taste of the eggs which balances out the sweetness. But making good 蛋散 is an art – most places don’t make it well and it turns out soggy and heavy, or the dough is too thick, or it is often too sweet, either because too much syrup was drizzled on it, or the dough itself contain too much sugar, both of which I find overpowers the nice egginess of 蛋.


We had these for dessert when we came to Kirin Seafood Restaurant (@ City Square) for C’s farewell lunch earlier this week. This is one of my absolute favorite places for dim sum, although I must admit that I find the Richmond Kirin to be slightly better. Maybe I am just biased, but then I also think it is not easy to satisfy the picky palates of Richmonders.

dim sum

 As usual, much quality dim sum was ordered and enjoyed,  though (unfortunately) we didn’t order any internal organs, tripe, or feet (lest we scare H, who had never had dim sum before). Plus there was even enough dishes to keep all the vegetarians happy and stuffed! And – because for some reason it’s the typical rule for sharing food – there is always one of each thing left on the plate.

always one left

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  1. wow, those egg shatters look tasty! really, all the food looks great!

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