Dressing up my Dutch Oven: That fat Italian dude’s silicon Mitts

I went everywhere looking for these Mario Batalli silicon mitts for my dutch oven. (Because, heck, those handles get hot and the pot is so heavy.) The first time I saw them was at the T Room Bakery on 4th. Looked for them everywhere else and couldn’t find them. Finally went back to the T Room. (The only other color they have is this dark maroon, I thought the green contrasted the flame of the dutch oven nicely.) The T Room have a lot of other kitchen tidbits too, plus great looking pastries and sweets. Tried a mini pretzel thing they had at the counter, it was OK. Probably would go for the cakes next time though.

Mario Batalli Mitt
T Room Bakery & Kitchenware
4445 10th Ave. W

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