Lotsa Buns!

I know I have been lazy lately. It’s been busy. But I’ll try harder. In the mean time, let me post some pictures from a recent trip to one of my favorite Chinese bakeries in town, Happy Date.

Hmmm, could it be? A present for meeee?

A present!

Aaah, a box full of my favorite 菠蘿包 (pineapple buns), and 雞尾包 (cocktail/coconut buns)! Could I? Could I eat it all? Please?

Pineapple buns

Some raisin buns (left) and 豬仔包  – “piglet” buns (right) (the latter of which I briefly mentioned before here). Piglet buns are a Hong Kong style plain bun; often covered with white sesame seeds like these ones here. Happy Date makes both of these buns really, really soft and fluffy. And the raisin buns smell very sweet. In my family 豬仔包 is somewhat of a  comfort food– most often eaten when you are sick. I guess it’s because they are so soft, only very slightly salty, and have a soft but chewy crust. I always associate 豬仔包 with being sick… they really aren’t my favorite perhaps because I am not a big fan of the salty+soft combination. Now, sweet and soft buns filled with chewy raisins – that’s a different story.

“Piglet” and raisin buns

Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant

8135 Park Road, Richmond


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