Sugar sugar: Quaker’s Corn Bran Squares, Nature’s Path Oaty Bites

I like cereal. I wouldn’t say I’m big on it because I don’t try a whole lot of different stuff, but there is always a box or two on my shelf, and I eat it everyday. I try to explore a little bit, but many of the normal cereals out there are so crappy and sweet and contain all this shit in it, so I am limited to mostly organic stuff that is low in sugar. I think cereal is the kind of food where a lot of people have their favorites and stick with it for quite a while anyway.

Corn Bran Squares

When I was a kid Kellogg’s Corn Pops was one of my favorite breakfast cereals. It didn’t matter that they were so damn sugary they gave me headaches, I just “gotta have my pops”. These days, most cereals out there are way too sweet for me. I just opened a box of Nature’s Path’s Oaty Bites, for example, (because I have tried a lot of their products and liked them, dammit), and the sugariness of it was just too much to bear. It was like super honey overload, except it was sugar cane and not honey they had used as the sweetener. I ended up giving the box to someone (a poor grad student) at work the next day. (She didn’t find it overly sweet, and is apparently enjoying it.)

Surprisingly, at the same amount of sugar per serving (6g, the high end for me, my typical for a breakfast cereal is about 3g) is Quaker’s much less sweet Corn Bran Squares. I like the flavor of corn, but Corn Pops are just out of the question now, and plain puffed corn cereal is really bland. These Corn Bran Squares were a pleasant surprise.

Being your typical cereal fare, there was a pretty unexpected 5g of fibre per serving… from the bran I am guessing. That’s more fibre than a lot of the pricier “healthy, whole grain” organic stuff out there. The squares are hollow inside, but thick-walled and puffy, and crunchy. The taste is a bit reminiscent of Corn Pops. It is still quite sweet, but not so much I can’t handle, and you can definitely tell that the corn flavor is there. They’re really good to snack on without milk because of their nice, large size, not like loose flaked-cereal. An awesome alternative to Corn Pops (which have no fibre, more than twice the amount of sugar (14g), and contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oil).


2 Responses

  1. Hey! I stumbled across your blog today and it looks pretty cool. I love Pops too, actually had some for breakfast today. I’ll have to give these a shot if I can find them. Extra fiber is always a good thing.

    If you want to come check out my new blog, let me know what you think. Keep up the good work!

  2. Help!!! I cannot find Quaker Corn Bran Squares anywhere. I use them to make my Mexican Munch party mix, and nothing else tastes anywhere near as good. They make the munch!

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