Coco Chilli 椰子屋

Tucked away in a little mall near the east end of Richmond’s “Food Street” (Alexandra Rd), Coco Chilli (椰子屋) is a charming little restaurant that is easy to just pass by (despite their very yellow sign). Malaysian? Indonesian? Thai? Vietnamese? They have a bit of everything, thus I file them under that umbrella term of “Southeast Asian”.

Lunch menu features a large selection of fried rice, rice noodle in soup, dry noodle, curries, with various meats, tofu, or seafood. There are also your typical snacks like spring rolls, fried scallops (no salad rolls though, too bad!), and some drinks like fresh mango slurpees (which is often on special for $2). The dinner menu is also quite extensive, but doesn’t feature the single portions or a lot of the noodle items that they have for  lunch. Dinner here is best enjoyed with a big group as their dishes are large and served family-style.

They make good 炒通菜 (fried Kang Kong, AKA water spinach, or ong choi). It is literally dripping in oil, but very tasty. Definitely a must try.

My favorite is their 香茅雞檬 (lemon grass chicken with dry rice vermicelli), pictured here with a seafood tofu noodle soup and some (*yawn*) fried rice. It is nothing extraordinary, but it’s tastey and a nice portion size, and the 檬 (dry vermicelli) is pretty good. 


Coco Chilli 椰子屋
Good for lunch, or big group dinners. Cash and debit only.
180-8611 Alexandra Rd, Richmond


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