Mount Royal Bagel Factory

Mount Royal

I’ve noticed that a Jewish church around my workplace gets bagels delivered from the Mount Royal Bagel Factory. I thought this bakery must make some awesome bagels, for the church to be ordering from so far away (there are other closer Kosher bakeries, I believe, maybe they don’t make good bagels).

So I decided to give their bagels a try. As per usual with my Bagel Quest, I went for the plain ones. They’re cute looking-  very puffy, fat, and round, with a small little hole in the center. Certainly not “artisan” looking like Siegel’s or Solly’s. And sweet! I mean, literally. Mount Royal’s bagels smell sweet, taste pretty sweet, feel even sweeter. As in, they are sticky. Never have I touched such a sticky bagel. Must be the malt they used. These are pretty dense, heavy bagels. The crust was not extremely thick, but sufficient. The inside was a bit doughy for my taste. I didn’t like that they were so darn sticky, and I also found them a little too moist. They were decent bagels though, and definitely much better upon toasting (perhaps because that dries them out a bit). Not as good as Siegel’s or Solly’s, IMHO. But maybe because they were packaged and not fresh.

mount royal

Mount Royal Bagel Factory
701 Queensbury Avenue, North Vancouver


3 Responses

  1. Personally, I really like the Mount Royal bagels. I agree that they’re better toasted than plain…but when they’re toasted, damn they’re yummy. (I have tried sesame and poppy seed)

    I find Siegel’s bagels really dry, to the point that they must have cream cheese or butter on them. And Solly’s, while good once in a while, are too chewy sometimes.

  2. I love these bagles! they are so tasty and fresh.

  3. Try to go half an hour after opening (bagels are soooo fresh and warm), on saturdays they are opened after 6pm until midnight and have a nice Motzey Shabbat deal for a dozen bagels, lox and cream cheese…the 3 together taste just AMAZING. Instead of plain bagel try the all dressed!

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