Nature’s Path Heritage Granola – Raspberry

Heritage Granola

I’ve been blog-lazy lately, yes. Haven’t been doing much in the kitchen either. I have however been doing a little cereal-exploration. Today’s feature is Nature’s Path’s Heritage Granola. I love Nature’s Path‘s cereals. They are organic, healthy, not sugary, and most use minimal ingredients without additives. And they taste great. I stock my pantry with boxes and boxes of their Flax Plus, Spelt, and Kamut flakes whenever they go on sale. Hm, stock would be an understatement. I go through a box in two days.

Granola is not my type of go-to cereal because it is on the sweet side, and has too much stuff in it sometimes. But then, sometimes that’s just what you need. I tried their Heritage granola with raspberries. It’s quite packed: oats, spelt flakes, quinoa, puffed rice, and uh… dried raspberries. You can never expect much from cereals that claim they have “fruit”, so I was not surprised to see the large raspberries on the box and got little red dots instead. Typical. It’s not bad, not too sugary either, and has a nice balance of different grains. This particular pack seemed quite crushed and powdery, but maybe it was just that box. I prefer Nature’s Path’s Ginger Zing granola though, because the ginger really comes through without being too much, and I like ginger.


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