Chinese New Year at T&T! (Fusion-style!)

Two weekends ago, I was going about my usual grocery shopping at Osaka Supermarket (ie. the T&T at Yaohan Center, Richmond), and nearly squealed with joy when I saw stacks and stacks of little 年糕 (leen goh, or Chinese New Year Cake) sitting on a New Year’s stand at the bakery section. Chinese New Years is just 3 weeks away, and the Asian supermarkets are out in full force! Anyway, of all Chinese New Year foods, 年糕 is probably my favorite. I like the dark brown variety (you can see some white ones here at the bottom left hand corner), fried, crispy outside, gummy and oh-so-sticky inside. Yuummmmm.


This was all exciting and fun, until I came upon some rather strange things. Next year will be the year of the Rat. This year is the year of the Pig. I saw these little plastic containers and I could swear they are pig-shaped pastries. On closer examination it seems like the cake inside might actually be a rat. But I cannot tell. Perhaps this is their way of ending the year of the Pig (this year) and ushering in the Rat. I still don’t know think it resembles a rat, and that container is definitely a pig. Anyhoo.


And then, I found something even stranger: Taiyaki.  ??!?! This is taiyaki by definition, because on the bottom of the box it says that this fish-shaped pastry is filled with red bean paste:


Granted, it is not as waffle-y, nor is it of that same tail-up configuration as your traditional Japanese taiyaki, but I just have to call it taiyaki. Because, having spent my entire life as a bona-fide, made in Hong Kong Chinese person, I cannot recall a Chinese name for such a thing, and I most certainly have never seen or eaten something like this for Chinese New Year. Please correct me if I am wrong, and if I am I must sincerely apologize for my lack of Chinese-ness, I am a disgrace to all Chinese people, and I will eat this taiyaki or whatever the hell you call it as punishment.

Perhaps T&T is trying to incorporate multiculturalize CNY? CNY fusion style? Beats me. Just gimme my 年糕  and I will be happy.


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