Safeway Bagels

This is something I should be rather familiar with, as our lab is a 5 minute walk from Safeway. Safeway bagels have thus been a feature for many a morning lab meetings. I never really touch them, but now my Bagel Quest keeps getting me into … interesting situations. There is to be no bagel-discrimination here, so I have to try bagels from all walks of life. In fact, a few weeks ago (during some storm) I tried a package of Dempster’s 12 Grain bagels. Uuuuugh. Bad. I don’t have pictures to show for that. They aren’t bagels, maybe they might make decent, dense, whole-grain bread, but they sure aren’t bagels. Maybe I will hold off on the pre-packaged bagels until I get very desperate. (And even then, I still have one plain bagel from Siegel’s left in my freezer.)

Anyway. Safeway makes these so-called “New York Style” bagels that sell for 69 cents each. They are quite giant and have a very commercially beautified appearance, all perfectly round, nicely browned, and puffy looking:

Safeway Bagels

Each weighs in at about 3.5oz. They are both slightly sweet and slightly salty. Chewy, and doughy. Crust isn’t too thick. OK bagel, probably one of the better supermarket ones, but definitely nothing like Solly’s or Siegel’s. Most supermarket bagels are just dinner rolls with a hole in the middle, and aren’t boiled before they’re baked. I’m not sure Safeway really boils them, they don’t really feel like they are boiled, but at least they are better than those Dempster’s bagels.

Safeway Plain Bagel

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  1. […] least with Safeway’s bagels, I could finish the bagel as what it was. And if I had no other choice, I wouldn’t mind […]

  2. I love Safeway bagels. They are actually one of the best store brand bagels I have tasted. They are chewy, doughy and have a nice thin crust. In fact, their bagels beat out many of the bagels produced in my local area, which is surprising.

  3. Safeway bagels are really one of the best I’ve had. Now, I haven’t been to Montréal or New York, land of the great bagels. But of the ones I’ve tried arond where I live (including Noah’s bagels and locally made bagels) Safeway bagels are great! They have a chewy interior and a nice outer crust.

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