I finally went to the first Williams-Sonoma in Vancouver – I think it opened in December. The store is located on Granville Street near West 13th Ave.

Williams Sonoma

Le Crueset was 30% off, but only the yellow and blue. Gaaah. X__X (I belong in the “Flame” camp of Le Crueset colors.) All of the Le Crueset stuff here I have seen is made in France. The dutch oven I have at home is made in France. I have, however, gone to many stores and found Le Crueset stuff made in Thailand. I know they may have outsourced some of their stuff, but sometimes I would find a piece of cookware that is made in France in one store, and made in Thailand at another. It is odd, I am slightly wary of the Thailand-made ones.

Anyway, W-S was having a sale of left-over Christmas stuff, and had a box of their ginger snaps out for sampling – they were really good. I didn’t buy any though…. I was going to get this really cute pumpkin-shaped oven mitt, along with an orange-striped apron, but I decided that neither would be useful, since pumpkin-shaped does not equal good mitt, and I never wear aprons!

In the blink of an eye I realized I had already spent over an hour browsing and salivating but not being a very successful shopper (though you could say I was sticking to my New Year’s Resolution of saving up quite well). Still, determined not to leave empty-handed, and so I ended up buying a little something that is useful but still kind of interesting… a measuring spoon that has a plastic “cap” that clicks at each specific teaspoon/tablespoonful measurement!

Measuring spoon

2903 Granville Street (near West 13th), Vancouver


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