Cucumber Cafe @ Sandman’s

I noticed this giant green sign that went up for Cucumber Cafe while driving down Highway 99 a little while ago, so I decided to try this place out. Cucumber Cafe is located at the Sandman Signature Resort on St. Edward’s Street in Richmond.

 Cucumber Cafe

I came for brunch last weekend with YW and NF. We were seated right away; the staff were quite friendly. The restaurant is split into two large dining areas (one seems to be orange-themed while the other is green), with tables as well as pretty comfortable, raised booths. The place is lit with a lot of round white lantern things, and there’s a fake fireplace near where we were sitting.


YW had the Spicy corned beef panini, which was made with ciabatta. This was pretty good panini, and NF couldn’t stop picking at it.

 corn beef panini

NF had the Ultimate Club, which had chicken, bacon, and oven-dried roma tomatos. The tomatos were really yummy. NF whined about why the club is not three-tiered. 😉


A nice, light meal for me- I chose the Mediterranean veggie wrap, with warm, roasted veggies inside.  


Cucumber Cafe prides itself in its hand-cut fries, but perhaps due to New Year’s resolutions all of us had the salad instead. I’m sure the fries are good though. The meals also come with this little apple slaw which was pretty cute and a nice sweet treat.

They have all-day breakfast, which always scores in my book. There is just something nice about being able to order a crepe or eggs benedict for dinner. This is a great place for breakfast, lunch, or weekend brunch, but dinner options seems mainly limited to beef, burgers, and pasta. There isn’t a seafood selection (the only thing is fish and chips). The service was not bad, our waitress was friendly and prompt, though there seems to be another waiter there who is incapable of smiling.

Cucumber Cafe
10211 St Edwards Drive, Richmond (at the Sandman Signature Resort)


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I accidentally came across your blog while searching for Cucumber Cafe on google. I was amazed that we went to most of the same places to eat, and I also share with you a passion in eating. I enjoy reading you blog and will check up your new entries from time to time for new ideas, keep up the good work.

  2. Hi MLo!
    Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it and am flattered! ^___^

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