Supersize My Blueberry Loaf: Not even a month!!

Not the most welcoming sight at my desk on my first day back at work:

Blueberry Loaf- end

As you might recall, this was the blueberry loaf acquired December 10th and what it looked like then. Two different molds are present, most of them look like they sprung from the blueberries. I have no idea when they started growing, but from the size of them, I’d say at least a week ago. This sucky Blueberry Loaf didn’t even last a month! Why such a disappointing performance? Compared to the other two Supersize Me experiments (September’s pineapple bun, November’s croissant), this had the most simple home-made ingredients (white sugar, white flour, eggs, orange juice, milk, baking powder). No preservatives, and from that ingredients list 0 trans fat. Thus making it your healthiest (though probably least delicious) choice!

It was so gross I wondered why I got myself into this mess. (scientific curiousity.) The light green mold covered the back, which I was too grossed out to photograph because I was in too big of a hurry to rid my desk of this. I had to put on my gloves, take it out without breathing, wrap it up in saran, and chuck it in the biohazardous waste in the lab.

Blueberry Loaf from Langley Farm Market
Inception Date: Dec 11, 2007
Best before date: Dec 19, 2007
Date of first mold: unknown
Too Gross/Discard Date: Jan 7, 2007
Endurance: Less than 30 days.

Updates on the Pineapple bun and the Criossant to follow! Stay tuned!


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