La Cuisson 咖啡坊

la cuisson
La Cuisson

Something I have noticed in this city: Vancouver itself is a true, Pacific Northwest coffee-loving city, with absolutely no limits to how many Starbucks and/or specialty coffee shops can occupy a single block. In its suburb of Richmond, however, this trend is very obviously replaced  by bubble-tea houses. There is around the same number of Starbucks in the whole city of Richmond as there is within a half-mile radius in downtown Vancouver alone. It is, however, almost impossible to count the number of tea houses in Richmond.  

Unfortunately, for coffee lovers of this suburb, the best and most convenient roast would be from your own machine. At least, there aren’t many non-chain coffee places serving up a great cup of espresso in Richmond. A search led me to La Cuisson 咖啡坊, a real “coffee house” in Richmond. I have always passed by this place in the Union Squre Plaza, but have never gone in.

It’s a cozy little shop with about 7 tables. Many coffee confections – from machines, to giant bags of beans, to little exerpts about coffee sitting by the tables – surround you. There was one barista and one waitress working when we came, and several tables of people. The service is friendly and fast. They have beans from many different parts of the world. Hot drinks, cold drinks. There is tea on the menu for non-coffee drinkers, and aside from the pastries there is also a little snacks menu (I remember seeing toast and stuff).

I had the Americano, with a bit of crema, not a lot. I found it slightly lacking in aroma and body. Roast is very slightly bitter, acidity is low.


P chose the espresso with cookies. The cup and serving dish look pretty. Decent crema on the espresso.

Espresso and cookies
Espresso with cookies

NF’s latte, with little hearts. Unfortunately I had to use my cell phone to take these pictures so I apologize for the poor quality. I didn’t like the cup this came in…serving a latte with latte art in a run-of-the-mill coffee cup just doesn’t seem right. I tried a bit of this- it’s not bad, definitely better than chain stuff, but again I found it a bit lacking in aroma and body.


Supposedly all the treats in the store are home-made by the owner’s wife (I don’t think either were present when I visited). The cakes look pretty good. We ordered some biscotti. With almonds. Not bad. Taste like biscotti, which aren’t really my thing. They seem to like sprinkling powdered sugar on everything.


La Cuisson is not that much more expensive than your typical chain-coffee house, and I found it to be cheaper than many tea houses. They also sell machines and beans. All in all, a genuine coffee shop owned by a true coffee-lover. I’d come here again and try their other stuff.


La Cuisson 咖啡坊

1326-8368 Capstan Way, Richmond (In the Union Square Plaza)


2 Responses

  1. Hahaha… why would you order biscotti if you don’t like biscotti? LOL! You crack me up.

    Are you feeling better?

  2. beacuse i wasn’t the one who ordered, and I am just so accomodating and nice like that. mwahaha… XD

    feeling better now. ^___^

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