Naked Bagel @ Tim Horton’s

Tim’s Plain Bagel

The object of my Bagel Quest is to find bagels that are delicious as is – plain and without any added toppings. Indeed, my bagelogy is that if your plain bagels ain’t good, your bagels ain’t good, period. Anyway, last week I had a sliced, toasted plain bagel (“Naked Bagel”) from Tim Horton’s. Probably something everybody is familiar with. Uggh…not great. Semi-dense, not that chewy. It definitely lacked that slight sweetness that I love in bagels. In fact, there is hardly any flavor to it. That’s probably why they kept asking if I wanted cream cheese.

I’d say that if I was born without a sense of taste or smell, then I might be able to identify this object as a bagel just by mouthfeel.


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