Banished from the kitchen!

Day 3 of being completely cut off from the kitchen, because brand new floors are being installed this week (beautiful dark-colored tiles to replace a 2 decade-old, beige vinyl flooring, oooh!) This means no stove, no sinks, no cookware, flatware, no cooking. As painful as you can imagine. I took with me a few small bowls, my mug, some plastic eating utensils, my vitamins, and waved good-bye to my favorite room in the house, as though off on some godforsaken journey into… a fallout shelter.

Banishment, indeed.

On the weekend I made all my lunches for the week and stuffed the fridge full of food that  needed to be prepared/precooked/prewashed. Now I am watching it dwindle away without replenishment. *sob* (When will it end!!?) Luckily, a few things were saved from this disaster: the fridge, the microwave, and the toaster, now occupying various odd spots in the living room with the TV. The bare necessities of life right there, I’m telling you. With the fridge next to the couch as I watch TV, I am somehow reminded of a combination of both Homer Simpson’s reclining toilet chair, and King-Size Homer. 

King Size Homer

Now if only I could also work at home.


2 Responses

  1. Oh my. I’ve lived with only a fridge, microwave and toaster for at least 2 years. You’ve just had 3 days of that, buck up!!!

  2. Hello Saludos desde Argentina !! 🙂

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