Supersize My Blueberry Loaf!

This morning the robot at work did something very freaky (things were broken, water was everywhere) while N was using it (L said this might just be the day that our robot gained its own intelligence and betrayed its masters). N wondered why she is always so unlucky with the robot, and I said it was because she really needs to wear lucky underwear on days of crucial experiments (I do, because screw ups are a given when you do important experiments). Poor thing. So then, as I was getting my coffee, I got her a piece of this pretty looking Cranberry Bliss cake and brought it back to the lab –  it had a layer of white icing decorated with red cranberries on the top, so Christmas-y :-).  She offered me some, but T said not to because it will just end up in a jar on my desk.

OK, OK! I promise I will stop before my desk at work is overwhelmed with my Supersize Me experiments. No food or drinks allowed in the laboratory, afterall. But you know me, I just can’t resist temptations of the nerdy nature. And if people keep bringing in “interesting” food specimens (I don’t see why they would stop) to feed the pack during lab meetings, I might just get into some trouble here (and having all the evidence splattered over my blog). Nevertheless! Until then, we are all for the (criminal) pursuit and satisfication of scientific curiosity, are we not?

This brings us to yesterday’s acquisition – a Blueberry Loaf from Langley Farm Market (located in Lansdowne Mall), brought in by C. A 1/2 inch slice is now trapped in a 500mL glass beaker, covered by parafilm:

Blueberry Loaf, Day1

At first glance I thought this was a pound cake, though it seemed too fluffly and crumbly to be one. Indeed, it turns out there wasn’t any butter in it (FYI: a pound cake  is named as such because it is comprised of 1lb each of flour, butter, egg, and sugar. Makes me reminisce about those frozen Sara Lee Pound Cakes I so loved as a child. Hmmm). So this is just a cake then, and a simply constructed one at that:


The general impression was that this cake was really not the greatest (“way too doughy”, “not good at all!”, chucked after one bite, etc). Perhaps adding butter to the ingredients might have helped (and did anybody notice that while it is a “Blueberry Loaf“, and very obviously contain blueberries, that “blueberries” did not actually appear in the ingredients list?? So what are those dark blue purply things?? :-P). Nonetheless, I was quite happy to see that it did have enough fat (would have to be in the eggs alone) to leave quite the grease mark on the paper towel it sat on for about 10 minutes. Otherwise, with such … modest ingredients I am guessing this will mold pretty soon. Maybe in a week or two.


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  1. […] you might recall, this was the blueberry loaf acquired December 10th and what it looked like then. Two different molds are present, most of them look like they sprung from the […]

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