Gremlins! The Beard Papa’s Craze

Hmm cream puff 

Ever since Beard Papa’s opened its first Canadian store a few months ago at Aberdeen Centre, and there has been a bit of a commotion over it. For hours, people waited in a snake, right off the escalators to the third-floor food court, just to max out that “2 dozen per customer” limit. They are still making only one flavor (plain vanilla), but boxes and boxes of yellow cream puffs continue to fly off the shelves.  On the weekends it is still supposedly crazy; on a weekday it looks something like this:

Beard Papa’s

I must say I am not a big fan of profiteroles: First – I don’t like cream, creamy fillings, sweet creamy custards, etc. (With the exceptions of ice cream and a bit of whipped cream on the cappucino.) Cream is often too sweet for my taste, but it is more its goopy texture that puts me off. It is something I always scrape off of cakes, or out of custard-filled pastries. (And this I have done as a child, long before I knew what “fat” and “health” meant.) Second – I did have a fascination with cream puffs, once. Once upon a time, I bought a giant box of those little frozen ones from Costco (probably a bad idea that resulted in my relationship henceforth with cream puffs), and after having to eat the first dozen, I got sick of them and had the box sitting in the freezer staring guiltily at me for the longest time (and I still didn’t finish it). 

So, I digress, but that is essentially my very personal feelings with profiteroles.

Anyway, this Beard Papa’s looks rather funny to me, since it basically a store infested with clones of only one variety of cream puffs. It reminds me a little of a scene from Gremlins. (Also, I am guessing that they are saying here that 230 calories per sugary puff is a good thing.)

Beard Papa’s

Gotta wash it all down with some coffee. Hence the heading back down to ground-level Starbucks for an Americano:

Cream Puffs and a Coffee

I must say, aesthetically, a cream puff is a really peaceful, angelic looking pastry, even these big ones. It could be the powdered sugar sprinkled on the top of that fragile exterior which encases that sweet custard inside. For me at least, it’s only after you bite into it that you get attacked by giant globs of cream! Aaahhh, GREMLINS!

Giant Bite!

This reviewer says: I don’t see what the big fuss is all about, I’ve had better puffs in Vancouver. These are not overly sweet, but I still had to scrape out a lot of the custard. It’s not exactly cheap either (so I’d probably head for the 雞蛋仔(Gai Daan Jai) the next time I’m at this food court). Can we go shopping at Daiso now that we’re done?

Maybe if they have other flavors… perhaps a green tea custard might sit better with me.


3 Responses

  1. OMG! I love profiteroles and custard filled deserts! Oh bliss.

    I will definitely try this place out.

  2. didn’t like the customer service at Bread papa Aberdeen location: promises to give you the extras at the end of the day but only to give you false promises – did not get any pieces in the end……also…….find out later that the extras were given to the customer ahead of us……and the customer got more than they ordered initially……rather but costco cream puffs!

  3. […] Very light, heavenly cream puffs from La Patisserie. They’re tinier, but much better than Beard Papa’s. (I’m not an expert, but this is according to a certain cream puff […]

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