Happy Hannukah! Solly’s Rugelach. (And bagels of course)

Solly’s Rugoleh

Rugelach (“RUG-oh-la-khhh”) are sweet little pastries meaning “little twists” in Yiddish. (“Rugel” also means royal.) A popular treat during Hannukah, it is made from a cream cheese dough, with a fruity and sometimes nutty filling, and rolled up into little crescents (but sometimes into pinwheels as well). Apparently the classic European version is made with a yeasted dough, while the cream cheese dough is a purely American-Jewish invention. Solly’s sell several flavors of these little pinwheel-shaped “cookies”, which they call “Rugoleh”. The ones I got had dates, apricot and raisins. Nice slightly flakey crust. The pinwheels are cute, but I kind of think they look more … decadent as crescents. Maybe it’s the association with croissants.

I remember watching the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, make them before. Here’s her recipe.

And of course, what is a visit to Solly’s without some more bagels? Ah, look at them delicious bagels! (I still think their plain bagel is the best.)


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Solly’s Bagelry

368 W. 7th and Yukon (featured)

2 other stores: 2873 W. Broadway and MacKenzie, 189 E. 28th and Main


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  1. Hi there, so how do you do the cresents? is it just rolling the same dough on a diagnal or is it a different recipe for the dough? If it is a differenct recipe, will you share it? I am making rugalach for the first time w/Ina’s recipe.

    Many thanks,


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