Fwlisht (Food Wish List)

Dear Food Santa:

December is here at last! And to welcome the arrival of this wonderful month Cooking Nerd has been working hard on her Christmas Fwlisht (Food Wish List). She’s been so good and nerdy this year. So please put under her tree some simple things, some much needed things, and some totally useless things she would otherwise never buy for herself. You get the point. 😉

– A pullman loaf pan
– A square bread baking stone
– A double-burner stove top griddle, like this Le Creuset one
– A non-stick crepe pan
These Mario Batali silicon pot grips (preferably in orange or some color that matches my orange Le Creuset dutch oven)
– Saffron.
Cuisinart’s 6-cup Non-stick Muffin Top pan
These French bread razors (I know, I know. I have razor blades and I can make one myself. Still. )
– Oh so many books, but I will list just a few:
Twinkie Deconstructed – Steve Ettlinger
The Science of Cooking – Peter Barham
Millennium Cookbook – Eric Tucker
Let Them Eat Flax! – Joe Schwarcz

That’s all. For now. Thank you Santa,


Cooking Nerd.


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