Supersize My Croissant

I’ve decided to start another Supersize Me experiment in the lab, this time with a croissant from Safeway. Before you condemn me for wasting food for the sake of my scientific endeavors, let me just say that this poor croissant was left over from a meeting on Monday, then sat in an open box in the computer room where nobody touched it for several days, next to some left over rotting fruit that started attracting a massive buzz of Drosphila of a neighbouring lab. It then turned into a piece of hard, inedible flaky rock (still very greasy to the touch). I felt compelled to rescue it.

Croissant Day 5

The croissant thus ended up in another plastic box. (On a side note: I did attempt to put it in a jar, but it was bigger than the mouth of the jar. The croissant was also too damn hard I couldn’t have stuffed it through without breaking it.)

One look at Safeway’s nutrition facts will tell you why most of my coworkers have a lot of confidence that this croissant will “last forever”:

Croissant nutrition

If you remember, a typical HK-style pineapple bun has 3.5g trans fat per 100g of bun, which is 3.5%. The croissant has 4g of trans fat per 64g of croissant, which equals 6.25%, nearly twice that of the pineapple bun. Seeing that our Supersize Me pineapple bun is still doing good at 10 weeks, I’m sure that doubling the trans fats will carry this croissant pretty far. We’ll see!


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  1. Try one with cheese. I have a one year experiment with cheese, and the front side still looks good.

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