Moofia – Dairy Toys

Hmm, how did we get here, let’s see. I was Googling images of “mozzarella” one day, and came across the Mozzarella vinyl toy by tokidoki. Kawaii! On the website I also discovered the rest of Mozzarella’s Moofia that come in cute little milk cartons. I had wanted to buy Mozzarella but it also costs 30 bucks (minus the shipping)! Disappointed that I was not that crazy, I gave up on the wishing. Then, while browsing at Paper-Ya, I came across a Moofia milk carton! Unfortunately they didn’t sell Mozzarella. Not about to be disappointed again, I bought the milk carton. I was hoping to get the Japanese Milk, but I got the Baby Bottle, which was quite cute anyway. 😀 I don’t know why it’s crying though:


I still want Mozarella!!


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  1. […] I found Mozzarella. And got Latte. Posted on Monday, July 7, 2008 by Cooking Nerd MI first got the Moofia Baby Bottle at Paper Ya last year, but since then they have ran out of the little milk cartons and no longer sell them. But last week […]

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