Mario Galaxy Wii Omelet

Wii Omelet

This weekend was a giant double-stacked burger where:

Buns = breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Patties = playing Super Mario Galaxy
Condiments = various snacks in between

I did, however, make myself a nice spinach and mushroom egg white omelet, ie. lots of protein and Popeye goodness to power the game playing. I’m dubbing it my Mario Galaxy Wii Omelet. Tumeric is my current fave for adding color to my egg whites so that you’d never know there’s no yolk in these.

Wii Omelet

Recipe follows…

Recipe: Mario Galaxy Wii Omelet
(makes 1 omelet)

2 large egg whites
1t tumeric
salt and pepper

1 to 1 1/2c baby spinach
2 white mushrooms, sliced
1/4c chopped red onion
1/2t garlic flakes
several slices of cheddar or your favorite cheese (optional)

1. Saute onions, mushroom until soft, then add spinach and garlic. Season with some salt and pepper. Cook until spinach is soft.
2. In a bowl, beat egg whites, tumeric, with a bit of pepper and a pinch of salt. You want to make sure the tumeric has dissolved and the mixture looks somewhat yellow before you stop.
3. Pour egg white mixture into lightly sprayed pan, heated at medium-high. After about 1 minute, put spinach mixture on one half of the omelet. Top with cheddar or your favorite cheese. Let the omelet cook, then flip the other side over. Serve immediately. Then go and play Mario Galaxy.


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