The Naam

Went to The Naam for brunch. Actually I had wanted their lunch menu but because it was the weekend, noon was still too early for that. Too bad, their breakfast menu didn’t have what I was craving for (a big salad). Oh well.

The Naam

There is a reason why The Naam is known as the best vegetarian restaurant in town is that it may never occur to non-vegetarians that they are actually eating at a vegetarian restaurant. There is a whole whack of interesting food here and you would never miss your meat. You might miss your bus, though, as the staff’s attitude is very laid back to say the least. You will have to accept the fact that you will be ignored at the door even if there are free tables, until somebody decides they are in the mood to serve you. Or that it can take quite a while for the kitchen to prepare something as simple as scrambled eggs and plain toast. Just accept it; at least they keep topping up your coffee. The coffee wasn’t awesome… I’d go for their nice looking shakes and smoothies. I like their toast though- nice, thick, and nutty. The food is creative but with a homey-style to it, portion sizes are good, and they’re also vegan friendly.

Farmer’s Omelet (with veggie sausage, veggies and cheese filling):


Scrambled Tofu:

Scrambled Tofu

The Naam is a great spot to spend a very lazy weekend morning. And no doubt, looking around you will see hippie Kitsilan-ites who have just rolled out of bed in their pajamas, enjoying their coffee and reading the paper. With all the wooden decor, servers in t shirts and sneakers, the little patio outside, the atmosphere here is fun, comfy, and kinda campy. They are also open 24/7. I still want my Gado salad.

The Naam

The Naam – open 24 hrs, 7 days a week, live music every night

2742 West 4th Ave, Vancouver (in Kits, about a block east of MacDonald St)


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