Supersize Me Pineapple Bun: 2 month mark

If you have been following my pineapple bun experiment, you will know that this pineapple bun I have kept at work since my birthday turns 2 months old tomorrow! (Yes, this post is a day early as I won’t at work tomorrow to celebrate this occasion.)

So here it is, it doens’t look a day over …er, I dunno, a day? 😉 Considering this is what it looked like last month, I’d say it’s doing pretty good!

Pineapple bun @ 2 months

OK, well, there is actually something. About 2 weeks ago, this white mold sprung up at the back, but it hasn’t grown much bigger since:

First mold

We get a lot of molds growing on plates in the lab. I think the mold might have got in and started growing on the bun from that time we opened the box to smell it (which was Oct 17). The fact that the bun itself hasn’t start to lose its shape or change color is still pretty impressive though.


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  1. […] per 64g of croissant, which equals 6.25%, nearly twice that of the pineapple bun. Seeing that our Supersize Me pineapple bun, is still doing good at 10 weeks, I’m sure that doubling the trans fats will carry this […]

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