La Baguette et L’Echalotte Bakery, Granville Island

Saturday was one of those rare, beautiful Vancouver fall days that I so love: sunny, blue skies, crisp but not windy or cold. Yellow and orange foliage. Quite the calm before the storm, which came hard last night and knocked down trees and power every where. Anyway, such wonderful weather called for a little trip down to Granville Island, where pretty much everybody else headed to enjoy the view too:


 And buy fruits and vegetables and meat and fish and everything else at the Public Market:

Public Market

I was already on a mission to buy something – anything – from La Baguette et L’Echalotte. I think it is one of the best artisan bakeries in town:

La Baguette

People and baguettes everywhere! And all that beautiful looking, artisanal bread! Of course, being the pig that I am, the first thing I did was to dig into every single one of their sample baskets. At least twice. The breads they had for sampling that day were cranberry and pecan, whole grain Spelt, a dark German rye, and this really sweet brioche… My favorite was the cheese sourdough. Hmmmmmm.


Bought a sourdough baguette and tore into it immediately after leaving the store:


Their baguette has a very tough, thick and chewy crust. The crumb is slightly moist and not too dense. The sourness is subtle, both taste and aroma-wise. Personally, I prefer softer crumb and crust that is less tough and a bit more crunchy. Otherwise it’s pretty good sourdough, and has a nice chewiness to it, if you prefer chewy.


La Baguette et L’Echalotte Bakery

1680 Johnston Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


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  1. […] was evident, but not too strong. All in all a pretty good balance. I liked this better than La Baguette and L’Echalotte’s sourdough baguette. Terra Bread’s was so good that I wolfed down one demi baguette in one sitting, then went […]

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