Perfect Soup Day @ Burgoo


Burgoo makes the most comforting, big bowl soups in town. Every time I come here for soup I leave feeling warm and satisfied. W and I came for lunch on a cold, crispy fall day – in other words, perfect soup day. It was packed full but luckily we arrived just in time to get one of the high tables by the window.

I had the Straight Up Tomato soup with the Spinach salad that came with bacon, apple, and red onions. The soup was great, very rich, homey, and a very slight spiciness. I got an Americano as I needed the coffee, but their teas are actually nicer – served in colorful pots on slabs of thick wood.

Straight up Tomato

W had the Butternut Squash (it was hearty and very herby), with the mixed greens dressed with beets, red onions, and goat’s cheese.

Butternut Squash

We both noted that the bread that comes with your meal is neither warm, nor toasted. I think it’s because toasted bread doesn’t soak up soup as well as untoasted. Nevertheless, both W and I would have preferred toasted. Though it was still pretty good soup-soaking bread.


 These soup+salad lunches are not a bad deal at 11 bucks each. You get a giant bowl of soup and overall a very comforting, filling meal. They also have soup + sandwich deals for a few bucks more. It gets very busy here and often you have to wait in line (because the W10th location does not take reservations of any size!), but you could always grab their take out. The service is pretty good, and the woodiness in the decor makes the atmosphere very cozy.

Burgoo on W 10th


4434 West 10th Ave, Vancouver

Also @ 3 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, and sells retail soups at Meinhardts and other places.


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