Pane e Formaggio | Sourdough

Pane e Formaggio

Pane e Formaggio (“Bread and Cheese”) is an Italian artisan bakery on West 10th’s Point Grey village, near UBC. It’s a small shop, tucked between that noodle place and grocery store, but it’s hard to miss its comparatively classy facade. You can come here for a nice lunch; they have various panini’s, spreads, and their many, many, creative pastries – all look absolutely irresistable:


The people here are friendly, and quick with helping you out. There is a cozy seating area of about 20 (it is always full), and they also sell things like olive oils, crackers, a lot of imported and local cheeses. The camembert they featured today was excellent, but I forgot the exact name and who made it. 

Their breads look pretty good; I ate almost half a loaf of their sourdough in a sitting:

Sourdough Loaf


Excellent soft crumb, very chewy crust. Not too sour. Sourdough awakens something in me like no other bread. I mean, I love bread in general, but sourdough? I am such a sucker for sourdough.

Sourdough Crumb


Pane e Formaggio

4532 W 10th Ave, Vancouver (in the Point Grey Village near UBC, between Tolmie and Sasamat)


2 Responses

  1. […] bakery, was very surprising to me. Compared to another boule-shaped sourdough, it is better than the one at Pane e Formaggio on West 10th. I ate two-thirds of in one […]

  2. The experience at Pane e Formaggio never ceases to amaze me. Excellent service, friendly staff who remember your face (if not your name) and products which I believe to be interesting and innovative. There is a family owned feeling to their business (not sure if it’s family owned) which I believe is reflected in their product line. A very different experience to the cookie -cutter bakeries around the province. 2 thumbs up!

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