Felicos – Redux and Greekier.


Felicos Restaurant closed for months this summer and went through a major renovation. They re-opened earlier this month. They’ve looked busy ever since their reopening, but waited a little while so they can get everything going before coming. Very posh and more Greek-looking than before. Pillars seem to be a theme. They now have a hip, bluish lounge/cocktail area to the left of the (grander) entrance, with a nice bar and couches. Off to the right are two dining rooms separated by a wall. The first room is small (I thought looked rather cramped); the second is larger, quite cozy, with a big fireplace.


Main dining room


We came for mom’s birthday. Luckily we made a reservation and were seated straight away, because it was a super busy Saturday night, and there was a consistent big line up (and no parking). I noticed a couple who did not have a reservation waited probably an hour before getting seated.


Although the decor has changed, the menu hasn’t. But I’ve always found their menu to have a pretty large selection anyway: lamb, steaks, fish and shellfish, souvlaki, Greek appy’s, combo’s and platters… your typical Greek fare. They had a dinner special of lamb shank and stuffing but I chose the lamb chops. They were delish, four good size chops, but not as gamey as I like for lamb. Mom likes it better like this. I like that gamey smell more. Nonetheless, they were well cooked, medium rare, tender, juicy.

Lamb Chops

The Trio: Steak, stuffed prawns, and a lobster tail for mom:


Stuffed prawns for dad:

Stuffed Prawns

House bread was whole wheat pita. (Used to be just plain bread before, nice that they noticed they might require something more Greek at a Greek restaurant.)

Whole Wheat Pita

No complaints about the food, it was satisfying and authentically Greek the way Felicos has always been, but not super food-gasmic. The service is neither terrible nor super attentive, although there are enough servers running around for everyone. I did find it a bit rude that they were moving tables around right behind me and I had to move, but it seemed like I was expected to, as nobody ever said an ‘excuse me’ or a ‘thank you’. It was a busy night, and unfortunately their eagerness to kick you out showed through a little too well. Overall, it’s the same Felicos food, the same Felicos people, but with the renos it’s a whole new dining experience. Whereas before I found the old Felicos atmosphere to be more family-style, now it’s more elegant and cool but still comfortable. If it was definitely worth a try before, it’s now even more so.


Felico’s Restaurant

8140 Leslie Rd, Richmond 

(Make reservations. Go early. Parking is quite limited and traffic around there is hectic.)


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