Needed a new mug

New MugI have been coping with my old Thermos mug since forever. Coping – as it leaks and I would often end up with a pool of liquid on my lap, or on my books, after taking a sip. Unfortunately I am too loyal when it comes to tools and utensils in general, especially when I have developed some kind of bond with them.

I got my Thermos mug when I first started university (the time when caffeine starts becoming your real buddy), and it accompanied me every morning on that long commute to school. We had a great relationship for maybe two years until it started leaking. Then came a series of cheap stainless steel affairs which also ended up in leakage. Mug after mug, I chucked. Then I had to quit caffeine for a while due to a medical issue; and went back on it about a year ago. The vicious serial-mug-nogamy ensued. Many a mug-break later, and feeling rather cheap, I dug out my old Thermos again. I took it to work and left it there, and I have been using it for months. Every – single – time it leaks on me I swear I will get a new one. And every – single – time I am at any store that sells mugs I look through them intently trying to find a new one, but I don’t end up buying one. Why? I don’t know. I am devoted to that Thermos. And it’s still a pretty good mug. I thought it kept my beverages decently warm, I like the size and the feel of it in my hands. And there are some great dry days. It’s inconsistent, but the dry days are good. (You see this is not one of those relationships I can easily get out of.) 

A few days ago, I had to sneak into a Starbucks during a torrential downpour. Rain made me feel like spending money, but I didn’t get anything to drink. I had my eye on a Starbucks mug. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because they are overpriced and say Starbucks on them. (Although I am not a Starbucks fan: I dislike their coffee and never drink it. I only ever drink their Americano.) Maybe it is to declare: I want to date other mugs.

So I bought this one. And it is nice. It has a better “lip” than my old Thermos one. And is much better at keeping things hot (I don’t feel the heat coming out of the mug. Plus I put hot coffee in it, then put it in the fridge for an hour. Afterwards the mug was cold to the touch, but the coffee was still hot. Not warm, much warmer than warm.) So now I am in a new mug relationship, feeling all puppy-love like. *sigh* 

But I’m not going to chuck my Thermos. Yet.


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