Supersize Me Pineapple Bun: 1 Month Mark

Pineapple bun @ 1 month

 Pineapple Bun @ 1 Month

My Super Size Me Pineapple Bun has spent 1 month in its Glad box! (You can see its progress – or lack thereof – from earlier weeks here.) I’d say minimal change, aside from the tiny little black dots which have not significantly worsened. It hasn’t even begun to show any signs of deformation, as here it was at 1 week old (You’d think I just took the same picture to fool you… I kinda wish I did):

1 Week

1 week old

Interestingly, there was also half a bun left in the original, much less air tight paper box, and it has been sitting in a much warmer room at work. It also looks the same. Smells a little sour though (I was hesitant, but for the pursuit of science I had to sniff it), perhaps it has acquired living yeast and bacteria floating from the labs around here and is mutating into a sourdough?!? Or … it’s just the smell of rot. Anyway, happy 1 month birthday, Bun! (And much applause to your hydrogenated oil and preservatives, Saint Germain Bakery!)  

Addendum: After smelling the half-bun and writing this post, I opened the Glad box and took a sniff. It still smells great. Like a fresh pineapple bun the day it was bought (ie. sweet and baked-goods-smelling). Scary!


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