World Food Day (And World Bread Day)

WFD 07

The right to food is more than the right to basic staples or to sufficient dietary energy. It means an amount and variety of food sufficient to meet all of one’s nutritional needs for a healthy and active life.

-The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Today is World Food Day. This year’s theme is The Right to Food – which was officially declared a human right by the UN in 1948. It is pretty obvious that while we in the developed world are living in total gluttony, day in and day out, so many others go through days without a meal. I cannot imagine how awful it must be to live every minute with a growl in my stomach. Of course we aren’t doing enough:

hunger map

So take a minute before you throw out those left overs today. On World Food Day, the least you can do is throw a can or two into a food bank bin, after you and your buggy stroll down the fully-loaded aisles of your local supermarket.


(All images copyright FAO)

On a lighter note- today is also World Bread Day. As usual, I had a piece of my favorite Alpine Grain toast this morning. It is awesome bread and I savour every bite of it.


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