Autumn @ Stanley Park | Sequoia Grill


Autumn and totems @ Stanley Park

Beautiful, dry, autumn weekends are rare in Vancouver. So when it arrived we went down to Stanley Park for a walk and lunch. I haven’t been in the park for a long time now. In December 2006, a giant storm leveled 45 hectares of the park and knocked out 2 km of the Seawall, and you can really see the damage – a lot of cut trees, closed paths. Still, the park remains ever so beautiful on this day of autumn colors.

Enjoyed lunch at the Sequoia Grill (ie. the Stanley Park Teahouse pre-2004) at Ferguson Point, which has a great view of English Bay on the west side of the park.

Sequoia Grill View

View from Sequoia Grill

Their warm house bread was very savoury, with a thick, chewy crust. I think it was a kalamata olive bread. More special than your plain baguette, I guess. Their little pieces of butter had “butter” printed on it. Good to know it’s butter.


House bread

Stuffed mushrooms appy. More crab than shrimp. Nothing complicated, but like most of their dishes, some attention to detail.

Stuffed Mushrooms 
Mushrooms stuffed with crab, shrimp and mascarpone

I (and pretty much everybody around me) had the Catch of the Day, which was Cedar plank wild Sockeye salmon with a maple glaze. The glaze went very well with the salmon, not overly sweet ot thick. The salmon moist and flavorful, but didn’t taste all that different from any old grilled Sockeye. I just couldn’t taste a significant Cedar-ness or smokiness to it. Oh well.

Wild Sockeye on Cedar

Cedar Plank Wild Sockeye, Maple Glaze

The grilled steak is on their regular brunch menu. I thought the eggs were perfectly done (to me, anyway): Golden and soft yolks that are not runny.


Grilled Steak, red wine jus

The service here is prompt, pretty decent; the restaurant was over half full for weekend brunch. The nicest thing about Sequoia is not the food, but sitting in their conservatory-style sun room/patio enclosure, dining under the sun and looking out onto the water on a day like this. Two little irksome things: Footsteps are very loud and rumbly in the patio/observatory, and gets a little bothersome when all the servers are running around. And you’d figure at a restaurant like this they would use nice, presentable plates, not worn out ones that look like they came from a stack at a buffet place. Did the Sequoia group not bother with buying some new plates when they took over the Teahouse in 2004?

Sequoia Grill

Ferguson Point, Stanley Park, Vancouver.


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