Back in the day: 出前一丁 (instant noodle) lunches

I was digging through some old pictures and found this, which made me chuckle. Back when I didn’t know how to cook, this was one of my favorite snacks/lunches to make in a jiffy: instant noodles cooked with an egg broken and poached right in the soup, topped with some cha siu (barbequed pork), soy chicken… and maybe some tomato wedges when I’m feeling healthy. I used to go through boxes after boxes of Nissin 出前一丁instant noodles: When I was in school I’d have an instant noodle a day, every day, as a snack. It’s probably the first thing and the only thing I could “cook” well back then. I haven’t eaten any since this picture, which was two years ago. Looks pretty satisfying though. Still makes me shake my head and chuckle. XD

Instant noodles

Instant, easy.


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