Green Lemongrass Vietnamese

Green Papaya Salad

Vietnamese green papaya salad

If you have been around for a little while, you would know that this Vietnamese restaurant used to be Mad Greek on Westminster Hwy, before Mad Greek moved … down the street. It is thus the only restaurant in the city where you can enjoy Phở at a tropical Greek villa. (They have recently changed their decor a little – eg. the plastic blue table cloth has been replaced by a mustard yellow fabric, and that Asianly piece of glass on top.)

They make a good green papaya salad, which seems to be something of a rarity around here, even at Thai restaurants. (It seems weird because I have bought green papayas myself, so it’s not like you can’t get them here.) Anyway, I love green papaya salads. They are the very reason I bought a julienne peeler. Lemongrass’ green papaya salad is unlike traditional Thai Som tam – there aren’t any tomatos, green beans, or hot chili peppers. Instead, to go with the julienned green papaya, there are carrots, daikon, large prawns, and pork slices. It is richly garnished with chopped peanuts, roasted garlic, and mint leaves. Whereas Som tam is spicy, this salad is sweet – especially when drizzled generously with Nước chấm (Vietnamese dipping sauce). Definitely a delicious and refreshing take on green papaya salad.

And like I have mentioned previously, their salad rolls are also a favorite of mine. Lots of choices on the menu too – good Pho and dry noodles.

GL Salad rolls

Salad rolls

Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine

There is a little patio outside. Parking lot is squishy and space is limited.

8280 Westminster Hwy (next to the Public Market), Richmond


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  1. I think I REALLY want to check out this place. It sounds delicious.

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