Spicy Udon with Chicken and Garlic Sprouts

Sobaya Spelt Udon

Spelt Udon

I came across these organic Spelt noodles from Sobaya at a specialty food store. They call it Spelt “udon”, but these aren’t thick like udon. They’re more like linguine to me. (In addition to udon, Sobaya also makes Spelt or Kamut ramen, which also contain buckwheat flour.) Anyway, I decided to cook some for lunch.

I used some shredded, left over chicken and fresh garlic sprouts (蒜心). These sprouts are really garlicky. A bit chive-like, but with more body and crunch, as they are not hollow inside. If you cannot stand garlic, stay away! Garlic sprouts will aromatize your kitchen enough to fight off a band of vampires.

Garlic Chives

Garlic Sprouts


I was going to do a udon in soup, but since these aren’t like typically fat udon I decided to omit the soup. I could immediately recognize the slight nutty smell of Spelt after cooking the noodles for a bit, but it was really quite subtle and wasn’t that apparent afterwards. Although the noodles are thin like pasta, they do have more of a soft, udon consistency. So I could imagine them to be much more udon-like if they were perhaps four times thicker. 

Spelt udon with chicken and chives

All in all, a satisfying lunch that took hardly any time to prepare.

Recipe follows…


2oz Sobaya Organic Spelt Udon (makes about a cup of noodles)

1/3c chopped garlic sprouts (or sub with chives if you can’t find garlic sprouts)

1/2c cooked, shredded chicken

1t Dashi powder

1t dried chilli flakes

1t Sriracha sauce


1. Cook noodles as instructed on package, except: add 1t of dashi stock to the water. Drain noodles and mix with Sriracha sauce.

2. Sautee garlic sprouts until slightly tender.

3. Mix sprouts, and chicken with noodles. Sprinkle with chili flakes.


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