Stonegrill steak

New York steak, Stonegrill

Few days ago we went to the Stonegrill for lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect as they have a 180° view of False Creek and Granville Island:

Stonegrill view


They had really good, piping hot sourdough rolls. (But it is not always sourdough. Sometimes you just get a French roll.) There wasn’t much in the basket, but maybe that was a good thing as I can easily eat several baskets of warm, sourdough bread.

Sourdough roll exposed!

For the set lunches, you can either pick the mixed green salad with the Balsamic vinaigrette (which is presented thoughtfully but tastes just like a salad would):


… or the soup of the day – in this case cream of mushroom (which was described as “more herby than mushroomy”):

Mushroom soup


The bread and appies came quickly, but it takes them a long time to prepare and roll out your raw food on the hot slabs of stone, even though the restaurant is quite empty. Since they have all the stones already preheated and kept hot in an oven, maybe it just takes their chef a long time to chop and cook the veggies and potatos that came with the food. Or maybe they just want you to really soak in the view considering the food is overpriced. (A glass of red wine also costs a few bucks more than the same thing elsewhere.)

Anyway, so they finally rolled out the food on a trolley: two little cubes of meat – the New York steak and the Ahi tuna, and a giant Portabello mushroom (this is actually on their appy menu). After receiving them at our table, all three had to be promptly removed from the hot slabs of stone at the risk of overcooking… even if the tuna was sitting on two slices of lemon. That tuna was really good, cooked rare and seared just slightly on the outside… by ourselves, of course. The Portabello was nice, although it is not something I cannot reproduce in my own kitchen with a hot skillet, as they literally just give you raw food on a stone, not prepared with any flavoring, sauces, or spices. Only a bit of salt. The dishes come with their own dipping sauce. (Soy-based for most, creamy ones if you order the shell fish or salmon.) If I were them I would do something hot pot style and put out an array of sauces so people can cook as well as flavor their own dishes. But maybe that will bump up the price even more. Well, at least it is a healthy, personalized, and interesting way to enjoy food… if you don’t own any kitchen utensils.


Ahi tuna

Ahi tuna


Portabello mushroom



The Stonegrill

1661 Granville Street, Vancouver.


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